Standard Courses

Implementing the standard range internally is extremely simple and cost effective. As a rule, it is profitable even at 5 participants to arrange internal training, instead of allowing staff to attend the open courses. If you complete standard courses internally, it is also easy to have the staff who could not attend at that time due to illness or absence, to participate in one of our open courses instead.

17 years of activity and experience in internal training and organizational development has led to the standard range of courses we present for 2012. Our new Standard Range has four main areas:

  • Project Management
  • Management and Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Communication

When it comes to the standard range, the focus lays on basic courses within each area. This is partly because that is where there is demand, but also because most people choose to customize the rest of the education for their particular business. We update our range of standard courses 2 times / year and comply with international standards. The courses are based on the latest findings and research in the field as well as we work with the most modern literature.

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