Time management 2.
Meeting efficiency

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting and wished you were somewhere else? Then you know what meeting efficiency is about!

Course description:

This course helps you prepare and conduct meetings in an appreciated time- and cost-effective manner. You will learn about the common problems in meetings and how to prevent and resolve them. You leave with checklists, models and tools that you can put to use immediately.

Target group:

Managers, leaders and anyone who has need for efficient meetings.




Preparations before the course, diagnosis, feasibility study. Energetic lectures supported by slide shows, handouts for your records, interspersed with discussions, group exercises and role playing.

Course documents available for download to iPad or computer:

  • Comprehensive course documentation with slides, checklists, templates and exercises.
  • Literature: Managing Meetings (Essential Managers) [Kindle Edition], Robert Heller.
  • Diploma obtained after completed training.


Meeting FAQ

  • Common problems in meetings.

Meeting culture

  • See and understand why a particular meeting culture exists.

Planning the meeting

  • What is the purpose of the meeting.
  • Common problems.
  • One meeting at a time.
  • What needs to be structured.
  • Habits.
  • Meeting culture.
  • Setting goals for the meeting.
  • The requirements of the participants.
  • Who should participate.
  • Agenda.
  • Attachments.
  • Formal meetings.


  • Interior & furniture.
  • Agenda.
  • Points on teleconferences.
  • Points on videoconference.
  • Requirements for minutes

Implementation of meeting efficiency

  • Keeping the agenda.
  • Manage meeting saboteurs.
  • The important break.
  • Minutes / Notes.
  • The role as chairman.
  • Timekeeper.
  • Utilizing the capacity of the group.
  • Decisions in the meeting.

End meeting

  • Summaries.