Time management Distance

Learn how to Work smarter, Not harder – on distance!

Course description:

You will learn to:
Distance course where you will learn and practice performance management and planning, time logging and analysis, structure, personal organization of paper and electronic records, time wasters, good tools as smartphones and computer, use Outlook efficiently, email management, telephone techniques, decision technology, delegation, stress management, meeting efficiency, development planning.
The program is implemented at your own pace on your own location. Phased approach with hands-on and practical exercises that confirms that the theory works in practice.

Target group:

Those who want to improve their time management but do not have time to go on the conventional course and want to implement it at their own pace but with access to support from a teacher.




You choose if you want to implement the program at work or at home. You do not have to go anywhere. You can implement the program when you want and at your own pace. You will gradually get 8 video lessons, tasks to do, teacher access via chat, discussion forums via the closed Facebook group with other participants. We measure and analyze your personal efficiency regularly throughout the program.

Course documents available for download to iPad or computer:

  • 8 lessons on video and course materials on file, Exercises, Performance Measurement and Analysis. Diploma obtained after completed training.



  • Learn how to measure your time allocation.

Target management and planning

  • How do you separate mission and vision?
  • Checklist for a good goal.
  • How to motivate employees to work towards the goal.
  • How to say no, the smart way.
  • Effective planning and monitoring
  • How to attain better self-discipline to follow the plan?
  • The worst time thieves.


  • Effective decision-making.
  • Different types of decisions.

Individual organization

  • Get control of the mess.
  • Handling papers effectively.
  • Structure.

E-mail internally and externally

  • Using e-mail effectively.
  • Common pitfalls and errors in the e-mail.

File organization and practical tips

  • How to store and find files on your computer and company server.

Telephone techniques

  • Effective telephone techniques.

Computer-based planning system

  • Private planning, team planning, project planning.
  • Calendar program.


  • How do you recognize effective delegation?
  • Common pitfalls and errors in the delegation.

Development plan

  • Establish and track your own development plan.