Initiate and sponsoring projects

A well-managed client and steering group can be the difference between success and failure for the project.

Seminar Description:

The implementation follows the IAD Focus® project model as seen from the Sponsor/Steering group perspective. The model is generic and easy to apply to all types of projects. We follow international project standards and terminology of PMI. IAD Focus® project model emphasizes in particular the preparation stage prior to project planning. For example the stage where the client and steering group is most active and where the foundation for the success or failure is established.

Target group:

Management, management committee members, project sponsor, steering group members, managers and others who initiates support and monitor projects.


Some experience of project work.


Intensive lectures with discussions and workshops. We follow the project life cycle of the IAD Focus® model.

Course documents available for download to iPad or computer:

  • IAD Workshop Compendium.
  • Literature: E-book; IAD Focus® Project Model and Method, Peter Dexner.


The seminar focuses on what the steering group and the client can do to make it a successful project. Furthermore it provides the foundation for effective collaboration between the steering group, client, project and the organization in general.

Significant emphasis is placed on strategic aspects of project work, organization, roles and the project from a management perspective.

Project Culture and project strategy

  • What constitutes a project?
  • How to create a sound project culture within the organization?
  • Why project?
  • Leadership development, a career path for project managers.
  • The learning organization.

Project Organization

  • Who is the client?
  • The client role.
  • Steering group composition and its function.
  • How to formulate a good project charter?
  • Who should conduct the pres-tudy and who should not do it.
  • The project manager’s qualities and skills.
  • The project manager’s tasks.
  • The project and the line organization.
  • How to put together effective project teams.
  • The reference group’s role and composition.


  • What is a good pre-study report?
  • The project plan.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Change Management.
  • Monitoring and Early warning systems
  • Information & Communication.
  • Audit.
  • Knowledge transfer between projects.
  • Implementing the IAD Focus® project model.