Working in projects, seminar

The basic introduction to the project that describes what happens in each phase of the project.

Course description:

The seminar follows the IAD Focus® project model as seen
from the project participant’s point of view. The model is
generic and easy to apply to all types of projects. We follow
international project standards and terminology of PMI®. IAD
Focus® project model emphasizes in particular the initiation
and planning stage prior to project implementation.

Target group:

The course is suitable for everybody that want and need an introduction to project working. The seminar provides a basis for further training but is particularly appropriate for all staff to participate in.




Energetic lectures at a high pace supported by PowerPoint slide show with printed handouts and short exercises. A five minute break every hour.

Course documents available for download to iPad or computer:

Seminar documentation on file for download to iPad or computer.


The implementation follows the IAD Focus® project model that is generic and easy to apply to all types of projects.

IAD Focus® Phase 1, Initiation

  • Feasibility study.
  • Many projects are started without a pre-study, with poor decision-making and planning as a result.
  • What should a good feasibility study report contain and who should do it?

IAD Focus® Phase 2, Planning

  • The project manager(PM).
  • What qualities and skills are required?
  • Which tasks should PM do and what should he/she not do?


  • Project organization and roles.
  • Cooperation with the functional organization.
  • The development of the team.


  • 10 steps to an effective project plan.
  • Advantages of computer-based project planning.
  • Demonstration of MS Project.

Risk Analysis

  • Fast and efficient risk analysis using IAD Focus® Risk.

IAD Focus®Phase 3, Implementation

  • Project tracking and change management.
  • Control, delivery and closure.

IAD Focus® Phase 4, Audit

  • Evaluating the results.
  • Monitoring and documentation.
  • What should be included in an audit report?
  • Knowledge management.
  • Transferring knowledge from one project tofuture projects.