Organizational development

IAD offers consulting services in our operating areas; project management, management and leadership, time management and communication. We also offer management consulting, senior advisory and interim management. Assignments can for example involve helping the management team to implement the project approach in the organization, or develop and implement Management and leadership development-programs in the organization.

IAD offers services in the following areas:

Management Consulting

We work together with you in the context of a time-limited analysis and/or change projects. We assist in the analysis and structural work and also offer to assist in the implementation phase if needed. For more complex and comprehensive change projects where you wish to have our full support, we offer Interim Management, where experienced consultants from IAD take their place in the management team during the implementation phase (see below for details)

Project Management

Management and Leadership Development

Business Planning

Vision and strategy

Entrepreneurship and startup





Senior Advisory

IAD has a network of experienced consultants who have been active in leading positions in large and medium-sized companies, or public administration. They have extensive experience as managers or specialists. They can act as consultants, advisors to companies, organizations and individuals or be part of boards, management teams, steering groups and reference groups.

Interim Management

We also offer our services as Interim Manager, for example to manage the business during a critical transition period.

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