Time management
the oed-program™

The OED-program™ , Organizational Efficiency Development, is Time Management for the entire organization.

This course is not available as an open course, but only delivered internally

Course description:

This is a unique program. The program is devided into phases with tasks to do between stages. This ensures that real change and development will materialize, both for individuals and for the organization.

Target group:

Organizations that want to take a comprehensive approach to operational efficiency.


Work experience. Length: 4 phases of approximately 6 hours.


Short energetic lectures, discovery-based learning exercises individually and in group.

Course documents available for download to iPad or computer:

  • Comprehensive course binder with slides, checklists and templates.
  • Diploma obtained after completed training.


Phase 1, Objectives & Plan

  • Management by objectives.
  • Decisions.
  • Diagnosis, survey.
  • Planning.
  • Workplace organization.
  • Homework, time logging and planning, organization.

Phase 2, Technique & Method

  • Follow-up.
  • Communication.
  • Planning system.
  • Information organization.
  • Standards & templates.
  • Homework.

Phase 3, group efficiency

  • Follow-up.
  • Education and development plan.
  • Information organization.
  • Standards & templates.
  • E-mail.
  • Delegation.
  • Meeting efficiency
  • Homework.

Phase 4, Personal Effectiveness

  • Stress curve.
  • Stress analysis.
  • Overtime.
  • Prime time.
  • Motion.
  • Personal time wasters.
  • Personal action plan.

4x6 h