First-time manager

Introduction to managerial position and preparation for the new work tasks and new responsibilities.

Course description:

The course is aimed to you who are or will become a manager. Besides from leading the personnel you also have the formal responsibility for personnel and budget.

Target group:

Existing and future managers.


At least three years of work experience, including two years as a group leader or equivalent.


Feasibility study, preparation materials, energetic lectures, discussions, exercises, group presentations and role plays.

Course documents available for download to iPad or computer:

  • Comprehensive course documentation with, slides, checklists, templates and exercises.
  • Literature: The First-Time Manager [Kindle Edition], Loren B. Belker.
  • Diploma obtained after completed training.


Manager roles

  • Expectations on the manager.
  • Delegation.
  • Different Leadership Styles.
  • Your leadership style analysis.
  • Labor law.
  • Introduction to labor law.
  • Limitation of Liability.

The team

  • Building a team of differences.
  • The team’s development cycle and the FIRO model.
  • Motivation & inspiration.
  • Personality Types.
  • Personal Style Analysis.

Strategy and Objectives

  • The link between vision, strategy and goals.
  • Checklist for smart goals.
  • Case decomposition.
  • Follow-up.


  • Budget.
  • Follow-up.
  • Reporting.

Decision Techniques

  • Individual techniques.
  • Group Decisions.

Personal effectiveness and Stress Management

  • Analysis of your personal efficiency.
  • Your staff’s effectiveness.
  • Personal stress analysis.