Presentation techniques

Lift your presentation skills to a new level with personal self-confidence, new technology and new methodology.

Course description:

You will learn basic rhetoric and to prepare and conduct a presentation in a professional manner. We learn how to use technology aids such as computers and PowerPoint, how to dress properly and deal with your nervousness. You can practice in front of the camera and receive feedback from your colleagues and see yourself on video. Most people think this is one of the most stimulating courses.

Target group:

Managers, leaders, project managers, sales people, lawyers, politicians, and of course everybody that benefits from presentation techniques in their work.




Preparatory task before the course. Lectures interspersed with exercises and a number of real presentations. Each presentation is planned, rehearsed and implemented by the participants themselves. After each presentation, participants give and receive immediate feedback and tips to improve their presentation skills. Each presentation is videotaped and the participants receive their own presentations on video to bring home after completion. You will see how to continually develop as a speaker.

Course documents available for download to iPad or computer:

  • Comprehensive course documentation with, slides, checklists, templates, tutorials and videos.
  • Literature: Confessions of a Public Speaker [Kindle Edition], Scott Berkun.
  • Video Filmed presentations. • Diploma obtained after completed training.


  • Information and communication.
  • How can you improve your communication.

Plan and prepare a good presentation

  • Gather information.
  • Mind mapping.
  • Outline.
  • Rules for different types of presentations, sell, inform, etc.
  • Strong introductions and strong finish.


  • Ingredients.
  • Rules.


  • Capture your audience.
  • Timing.
  • Manage issues and topics.
  • To communicate with the listeners.
  • Summarize.
  • Finish.

Handling nervousness

  • Basic elocution.
  • Preparations.
  • Advise that will provide security.

Technology aids

  • Computer & Power Point.
  • Using effects.
  • Rules of thumb for great Slides.

Body Language

  • Non-verbal communication.
  • Your posture and dressing.
  • Do you have ticks? We help you find and manage them!
  • Charisma.


  • Personal feedback.
  • Your action plan.