It’s one thing to know your area. – It is quite another thing to be able to convey this knowledge to others. And that is especially true for adults, knowledgeable and experienced participants.

IAD is particularly eager to work with the best pedagogic. We work with all senses and select carefully the optimal combination of teaching methods to make learning as efficient as possible. Experience-based learning is just the beginning.

We always do feasibility studies in which we ask participants to answer several questions before the course so that the teachers can prepare themselves optimally.

We provide the student with preparatory documentation before the course, so that we can use the time together optimally.

Our courses are well filled with extensive knowledge content.

We work with intensive courses spanning 1-3 days. Larger courses are divided into phases, to optimize learning, repeat and correct.

We work with the latest technology when it comes to computers, e-readers, software, etc.

We always evaluate the courses. We always report back to the customer.

We update our courses twice a year. We correct errors immediately.