Our culture is friendly, professional, innovative, dynamic, high performance and health-conscious.

  • Friendly. We believe that everyone wins if we make an effort to be kind to each other. We must be polite. We must care about each participant and be empathetic. We should be a good role model. We will create a positive atmosphere.
  • Professional. We are well educated. We have long experience in the area. We have good technique and method. We are well prepared.
  • Innovative. We are early adapters. We need to learn and so we devote time, energy and resources to develop continuously. We are eager to not only change, but keep what’s good and develop what could be improved. We update our programs twice a year.
  • Dynamic. We are flexible and eager to find solutions that will fit. We like to go to that extra mile for the customer to be satisfied.
  • High performance. We love satisfied customers. We like reviews that says: “The best course I have ever participated in!”. We want to exceed the participant’s expectations.
  • Health-conscious. “If you are healthy, you have 1000 wishes, if you are sick, you have one.” We want to encourage a healthy lifestyle with fresh air, exercise and good, wholesome food. It can be seen in course planning and implementation!