Before initiating change and development, it is important to know where you stand and have the best decision foundation. Test and analysis tools can show you that. You do not have to guess. You get comparable objective measurements.

If in doubt, it is better to wait with the change process than taking a chance. To measure after the change is equally important to verify that the desired change really were achieved.

Advanced test and analysis tools requires skilled personnel to manage them. IAD has that.

IAD has a wide range of test and analysis tools that we work with. Here are some examples of the tools and what they are used for. We have even more. Contact us to learn more!


  • WSA ( Working style Analysis) – an analysis tool to find personal preferences in working styles. Based on the American researchers Dunn & Dunn learning styles.
  • Earned Value Analysis – Measurement of project progress with a focus on the parameters of time and cost.
  • GDQ ( Group Development Questionnaire ) – Tools to analyze team performance level , GDQ explains what is required for a workplace to achieve high work efficiency .
  • IDI ( Interpersonal development inventory ) – Instrument IDI measures and evaluates the impression a person makes on others around them .
  • LSA (Learning Style Analysis) – Analysis tools to find the personal preference of learning style. Based on research by Dunn & Dunn.
  • MBTI ( Myers Briggs Type Indicator) – MBTI is one of the world ‘s most widely used personality test with over 50 years of research under the belt. The instrument is used primarily for self-awareness and personal development and demonstrates how differences between people can be taken advantage of .
  • SDI ( Strength Deployment Inventory ) – Charting Tool SDI is based on a theory developed by Dr. Elias H Porter. The tool analyzes individual motivation patterns and is proven when it comes to developing an understanding of differences within a group.
  • Spring Life Performance Analysis – analysis of organizations’ ability to perform over time. Measures to improve the health and performance has a significant impact on earnings . Based on 20 years of research by Dr. Bengt Arnetz .
  • SWOT – One of the world ‘s best-known tool for analyzing the strengths, weaknesses , threats and opportunities in organizations.
  • TKI , Thomas Kihlman Conflict Mode Instrument – The world ‘s most widely used method for the analysis of conflict styles . Based on Blake Mouton Managerial Grid Model and the research behind it.
  • Monte Carlo method – General method of risk analysis which uses random numbers in an efficient and stable manner.
  • DISC Assesment–  A Assesment tool with a Web-based questionnaire . The analysis is self-estimating where you choose your answers based on how you perceive yourself.